Kirin Zeil

Kirin Zeil is a time mage who works for the main villain, his abilities consist in alteration of the regular flow of time, however he is limited in his time magic due to the lack of a relic known as the Temporal Stave of Zeil. A relic that if anyone used, would be able to alter time. If used by a master magician will allow them to go to any point in time, except their own death or birth.


Kirin was originally a child from 42 BCE, when there was an ancient civilization of mages during this era of magical fascinations warding the monsters from the land the monsters occupied as their territory. With magic the humans flourished and made a kingdom which when the demons were accidentally released by the kingdom of the arcane when they sought some assistance in purging of monster forces. The Kingdom of Time made a time bubble to save its people from annihilation. Kirin however was outside the bubble when this occured, playing with a mysterious child by the name of Jaredd. The demons swept across the land trying to corrupt all the life into monsters, including trying to bring down the time bubble around the Kingdom of Time, Kirin and Jaredd fled from the demons who killed everyone, monster or human. Inevitably they were cornered at the edges of the kingdom of time, where Jaredd took a bullet to the shoulder from a demon marksman, Kirin held his friend hoping they wouldn't die that die. Jaredd then evaporated into the air, Kirin all alone was about to be killed by demons when out of fear alone he jumped forward in time. The demons turning to dust around him as he did so, going to a nearby village to find it was 45,000 BCE. He was raised in this village questioning where Jaredd had gone, or did his friend become just the past like the demons. Eventually Kirin grew older and believed the only way to find out what happened to his friend is to have the power to go forward in time looking for clues. He did it for many thousands of years, trying to find clues on his friend. Until he went too forward, he arrived in 60 CE where he was arrested for attempting to jump further in time by maguses of the now established human kingdom of the west. The king had a law apparently where every mage had to be registered. Kirin piqued the interest of the king and was made into the king's royal magus.

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